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Tuition: Testimonials


Here are some testimonials from Neil's present and past pupils...


"Not only has Neil taught Zachary how to play the Saxophone but he also built his confidence and encouraged him very positively. Thank you Neil."

(Pupil's mum) (14yr old sax pupil)


"As someone who had not been in any formal education or picked up a musical instrument for decades, I had some reservations about starting sax lessons.  I found Neil took great care in understanding my objectives and needs as an individual, and in developing a personalised learning and practice programme for me.  I find the lessons challenging and stimulating but most of all enjoyable and taught in way that really suits the way I like to learn.  Neil is able to vary things as I need and he has been really helpful in my starting to understand and develop my own personal style, sound, and sax set up as well as all of the other essential areas of music tuition."

(adult jazz sax student, Neil)


"Neil has been teaching me the clarinet for nearly a year.  I really enjoy his lessons and he inspires me to want to play. I have learnt a great deal in this short time and am looking forward to carrying on!"

( 11 yr old clarinettist)


"I learnt clarinet with Neil for seven years and I can't begin to describe the impact he has had on me. My technical ability improved drastically but I also learnt to appreciate finer aspects of the music (such as the motivation of the composer or the underlying tonal structure) in order to increase my overall musicality. Neil always sought to challenge me but he also created a supportive environment in which I could make mistakes and learn from them without feeling foolish or embarrassed. He really adapts his teaching to the individual, figuring out what’s best for them – for instance I don’t have much affinity with jazz (sorry, Neil) so we mostly worked in classical spheres. Still, he broadened my interests and I’ve worked on pieces I would never have thought I’d learn to love (I even warmed up to jazz in the end!). Ultimately, Neil helped me to fulfil my potential and be confident in my music, and I cannot thank him enough for that."

(post gr 8 classical clarinettist whom I taught from age 11 to 18 until about 2011, Maddie)


"The problem with learning an instrument is it's almost like being back at school, everything is very regimented and you're not often given the freedom of learning how you want to learn. For all the previous teachers I've had everything is always about ticking boxes, leading onto the grade 8's and diplomas etc etc etc. This really takes the heart out of music, and Neil isn't like that at all. His huge breadth of knowledge allows you to take any direction in where you want to progress, and he's turned me into a far better player than I would have dreamt of with any other sax teachers that I know of. He makes you a far more rounded player. Rather than just playing the notes on a page he can teach you how the music works, so you can play the sax how it's meant to be played, with just a bunch of chords and a melody, with minutes of solo to fill. He's obviously kind and a brilliant teacher, if you've met him you'll see very quickly why that goes without saying, but the main thing about Neil that's different to other sax teachers is as well as the technique of playing the sax, he teaches you how to play the sax how it's made to be played, which is something completely different entirely. Oh and he's not too shabby at playing his instruments either!"

(post grade 8, 18 yr old jazz sax student Dan)


"Neil is a brilliant teacher. He is always encouraging and has a little ‘gem’ of advice to help you overcome every difficulty."

(adult jazz and classical clarinettist, Jon)


"Neil teaches in a relaxed atmosphere, inspiring confidence in the students he teaches. He motivates his students with the enthusiasm for playing and he taught me to believe in myself and what I could achieve. I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Neil; from my student years in a jazz and big band, up until the current day, where I have been able to attend jazz workshops. This in itself is proof of what an excellent teacher and mentor Neil is."

(adult saxophone student Victoria)


"I took to the clarinet on retirement & thereby experienced a multitude of technical problems quite apart from the issues in learning to sight read. Under Neil's expert guidance and strong support (psychologically) most of these have been conquered sufficiently convincingly to persuade the examiners to pass me in my Grade 8 exam last year . I am hugely grateful to Neil and can recommend him to any learner young or old."

(Gr 8 adult classical clarinettist Michael)

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