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Tuition: Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does Neil charge?

£30 per hour (or pro rata so £15 for 30mins, £22.50 for 45mins)


How long and frequent lessons.?

Lesson lengths can vary depending on the needs of the student. For a beginner Neil recommends 30 mins once a week and for U18s generally once a week in general. For adults things can tend to vary. For the more advanced pupil coming every couple of weeks for a longer lesson can work and sometimes more infrequent than that. The only issue then becomes a timetabling issue of fitting people into the correct slots.


When does Neil teach?

The prime slots are from 3.30pm to about 6.30pm Monday to Thursday (generally when Neil teaches regular weekly students) Occassionally he can teach later than this (please ask) and he also teach during the working day (there seem to be an ever increasing number of adults who are able to be taught during the day. (10am to 3.30pm Tues to Friday))


Where does Neil teach?

In his music room at home. Sorry but Neil doesn't travel to other pupils houses.


How do I pay for lessons?

If you are coming for regular weekly or fortnightly lessons Neil charges in half term blocks (A bill is given at the start of each term) For irregular lessons you can just pay by the lesson. Neil accepts cash, cheques or for half termly payments Bacs.


Does Neil teach in the school holidays?

Generally not. He tends to teach in term time only. Everyone likes a break from things sometimes and Neil sometimes need a holiday too. That said, for some, mainly adult, students Neil does occassionally teach a lesson or two in the long summer break to tide people over.


Do I need to have an instrument before the first lesson?

Not Necessarily. For a lesson or two it is possible to use one of Neil's instruments. After that it really does make sense to get your own instrument. Neil can make suggestions of places to buy/rent instruments.


How can I get in touch to book up a lesson or ask further questions?

You can contact Neil on 01803 862762 or [email protected] or contact Neil via the contact page.

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