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Neil started composing about ten years ago, writing primarily for the Neil Maya Quartet, so loosely in a jazz influenced style. Neil has always been keen to write something a bit more adventurous than say just a twelve bar blues  (as good a sequence as it is) and often writes programme music including a piece about the birth of my second son, shed men and my home town of Totnes. Neil likes to work with interesting grooves and not necessarily stick to one style within a piece.


Many of Neil's compositions can be heard on The Neil Maya Quartet's CDs; Out of the Woodshed and Bread and Circuses, as  well as various clips around and about this site and on the Neil Maya Quartet site. Below is a list of Neil's main compositions to date:


Ethan (2005)

Ode to a Great Shed (2005)

Faxosone (2005)

A Bitter Ballad (2004)

Round The Bend (2003)


For more infomation or for samples of Neil's compisitions, you can contact Neil on: 01803 862762 or via email: [email protected]

Neil has been arranging for about fifteen years, firstly for small saxophone and clarinet groups but moving on to arranging horn parts for largish horn sections. Neil has also transcribed many pieces, especially for large soul, funk, disco and salsa bands and has transcribed and arranged for the band for musical theatre shows. Neil uses Sibelius 5 and is happy consider any arranging projects. Neil has also arranged for jazzwise, Michael Campari and the Solar System (7 piece pro swing outfit based in Plymouth) , I have arranged lots of jazz tunes (standards and my own) for large jazz band and I have also arranged all the 22 tracks for the new funky brass outfit Truebrass www.truebrass.co.uk. Neil has also worked for Drummer Magazine.


Here are some snippets of my arragements:

Time on my Hands (2006)

Welcome to the Circus (2008)

Big Girl Funk Machine (2008)

The Mists of Time (2009)

All Change Please (2008)


Five (2011)

Meditative (2011)

A Day At The Races (2011)

Dartmoor (2013)

Short Skirts and White Stilettos  (2010)